The Private But Public Diary of Mousy

The Private But Public Diary of Mousy

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Tumblr - November 16

I have to leave everything behind. But the problem is, do I want a new tumblr? Part of the problem was that I spent too much time writing here, pretending I was talking to her and sharing my day, and when this construct was too different from reality, it broke me.

Blogging and tumbling might be bad for me.

I do not feel comfortable about saying how sad this has made me feel on this blog, that’s for sure.

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Ugh, Getting Sick - November 6

I feel sick. Slightly sick, in the back of my throat. This is the worst time to be sick.

Tonight, I have an essay to write and, hopefully, I will also be able to do some studying, so I don’t need to cram it all on Thursday. Tomorrow, I have two group meetings. The one on Monday got pushed back.

Tomorrow’s also my mom’s birthday. I didn’t do anything. I’m terrible.

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I know I can do so much better if I put my mind to it… this round of midterms was living proof. The difference between studying and not studying.

I really need to finish off this semester strong.

Starting today.

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One Year Anniversary - November 4

It’s our anniversary today. I had to work most of the day, and when I came back, she wasn’t there. And apparently, she hadn’t been there all day, either. Her computer came on after midnight, but I don’t think she was actually there.

I haven’t really been online on Skype for a few days already, so I don’t know how she’s been. Really, I just wish I could get these two years over with so I can just move to the States already.

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Two Movies - November 3

It’s the weekend and I really needed some indulgence. So, I spent the afternoon at the movie theatre. I watched Frankenweenie first, then Wreck-It Ralph. Yesterday, my brother advised me against watching a movie on opening weekend, but really, I didn’t mind it. They were both great movies. I loved them both a lot.

I was hoping to spend the day doing … I dunno, something with Michaela. But when I asked about a week earlier and tried to plan something, she didn’t really want to. It’s alright, though.

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Kazu’s Tag

I’m not tagging anyone, or writing any new questions, but I’m doing this for you, Kazu.

1. Favourite anime?(if you dont watch then show)

It’s always changing but if think, right now, Baccano!

2. What did YOU do at 5:00pm yesterday!?
Watch an episode of Bones =]

3. Favourite season?
Eww, Kazu, you spelled it like a Canadian -_- It’s a tie between autumn and winter.

4. If you could eat one food forever, what would it be?
Erm, fried rice, I guess?

5. Cake, Ice cream, Coffee. CHOOSE!
Coffee. Mocha, to be precise.

6. A embarrassing tale from your past? HUMOR ME!
Ugh, dammit, Kazu. I once dislocated my knee playing Charades.

7. Are you a shopping whore?, cant get enough shopping, cant stop? lol

8. If you could be the main character in any anime/show/video game, what would it be and why?
Urgh, this is difficult. I think I want to be Tony Stark right now.

9. Favourite game from childhood?
I … don’t recall having one. Oh, oh, oh, Red Alert 2.

10. Tumblr……OR DEATH….lol jk. Tumblr or a Wait for it……REAL LIFE…DUN DUN DUNNNN
Well, my tumblr is now … more or less about my real life. But let’s just go with real life. Tumblr is lonely now.

11. Your starter pokemon from any of the pokemon games?
I started with Charmander in Red Version.

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Anthropology and Taken 2 - November 2

Today, my brother offered to take me to have dinner with his friends and then watch a movie with them. Since he never offers, I agreed to go. Watching him hang out with his friends bring out the anthropologist in me. Just sitting there, removed from the group and careful not to disturb it, but taking in all the social structures and observing how they all interact with one another. It reminds me of how I’ve always been around a group of people who’ve already established themselves as a tight-knit group. At the Ubyssey, in Spectrum, with the drama kids - all I’ve done is do my best not to disturb the equilibrium and just … observe.

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Long Day at Work - November 1

Today was a long day at work. But it wasn’t bad. Working with the Guy always isn’t bad, because I respect him and, likewise, he has a sense of respect for me too. During my break, my laptop was dead, so I just got a leg up on my homework, instead. I made a fair amount of sales today. Sure, not at my sales target, but I’m just glad I’m doing not to badly. Funny thing happened today. A bunch of Buddhist monks came in, while the Guy was on his break. They wandered around and actually bought a few things, too.

I’m just really tired today. I’m just glad that despite being long, it didn’t suck.

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The Crisis of Profession - October 31

Happy Halloween. Though I didn’t do anything, I’m sure some of you out there did.

Today, in Power and Politics class, we talked about stereotypes and lookism, which is … basically racism against ugly people. We watched a video, and had a heated discussion about how wrong it was that pretty people got better pay and jobs. But afterwards, I overheard someone sitting behind me. The class had really gotten him down and disillusioned with HR in general. Something I had said during the class, that there was really nothing we could do about the terrible things we learn about in class, except acknowledge them and accept them. And, in the end, he just really regretted taking the class and was glad that he still had TLog to fall back on.

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